College Note - Kansas Kenny Logan Jr.

Topeka Capital Journal

Other than the fact he's recovering from shoulder surgery, Kenny Logan Jr. has enjoyed the fact he's back with Kansas football for one last year. Logan has found himself soaking in certain moments as he's been able to walk around campus. Logan, who'll be a senior safety again for the Jayhawks in 2023, has been able to be around his Kansas teammates once more during what is set to be his last spring ball with the program. Even the opportunities to walk into Allen Fieldhouse to watch some basketball have stuck out to him. But just because Logan could dwell on the fact he has to make his way back from injury, in his fifth and final year playing college football, doesn't mean he is. It doesn't mean his limited availability will keep him from trying to improve as the team's spring session continues. Logan is trying to live in the moment as it all transpires. "Really, just get better off the field," Logan said when asked about his goals. "Become a better football player. Become a better leader, and really like a coach. Just try to make sure that I'm influencing the guys around me to get better, pushing myself, challenging myself mentally to make sure that I'm staying focused and locked in and in tune with everything going on." The goals Logan has for this spring came both from his own desires and that of the coaching staff. Those discussions have played a part in what he's focusing on. Whether it's rehab or watching film or something else, Logan is committed to improving. - Topeka Capital Journal

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